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Tom Adams - Particles | mr021

The Berlin based producer and songwriter originally did a small self-release of the record in 2014, which is comprised of a series of explorations for piano and electronics. Needless to say, we were stunned by the singular vision and voice present throughout each of these compositions.

We're very pleased to be giving this album a worldwide release in CD format and on all digital platforms, with a new master by fellow Berliner / sound artist Martyn Heyne and artwork by Roman Moriceau.

"This project happened by accident. In 2014 I was just starting to get some attention on my songs, and was working in a part time job, traveling the rest of the time to play solo shows. When home, I got into the habit of unwinding in the evenings by improvising on my piano, playing whatever came to mind without thinking too much about coherency or style. All the synths, drums, piano parts, electronics and any other sounds were captured as single takes (with all the mistakes left in).

Perhaps because of this spontaneity, I have found myself often coming back to the collection of recordings over the past 5 years. Despite now being a much more experienced producer / composer than I was in 2014, there is something about this collection of tracks that feel very raw and honest. They have a naive sense of exploration that continues to feel creatively relevant in my music today. It seems that sometimes the things you create when relaxed and not overthinking a situation can actually end up being some of the most authentic work you do."

Tom Adams