Tim Linghaus - Vhoir | mr007

LD3P2451 copy.jpg

Taking the form of an applied sound design, Vhoir reveals rich atmospheres replete with warm textures and poignant cinematic crescendos that are carried by an elegant juxtaposition of synthesizers, piano and strings. Linghaus demonstrates a talent in producing music that is highly evocative of both emotion/sentiment and visual imagery. On Vhoir, the German composer creates luminous ambiences evoking feelings of wonder, moments of reflection/contemplation and also passing melancholy. Linghaus demonstrates an immense patience with his material, creating an atmospheric, laid back feel, that is still constantly moving forward. Vhoir is a series of six short vignettes - or perhaps windows, fragments - peering into an artist’s path of exploration. Each window into this world leaves the listener yearning for another glimpse...

Written, recorded & mixed by Tim Linghaus in Germany. Artwork by Matt Niebuhr & Nicolas Hyatt. Mastered by Emil Thomsen (Nils Frahm - Felt) at ET Mastering