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Tambour - Constellations | mr023

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Montreal pianist and composer Tambour also known as Simon P. Castonguay returns with his third EP Constellations (ou comment arrêter le temps) / (or how to stop time). This collection of five tableaux sees Castonguay reflecting on notions of time ; its passing, the time we have and the time that we don’t, the time we take or choose not to ; time spent waiting after something or someone ; our perceptions of and relation to the world around us (and the stars beyond).

Playing with these notions, Castonguay chose to play with the form of the record, configuring the listening experience as one continuous listen from start to finish. The listener is invited to lose themselves in time, and not focus on the bounds of individual tracks. Written largely in the fall of 2017 at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, the record is in and of itself a reflection of the passage of time, a window into Castonguay’s recent past. ‘Constellations’ is Tambour at his finest - evocative piano melodies and ambient analog synthesizers paired with sweeping strings and french horn arrangements performed by the Mommies on the run string quartet (Patrick Watson) and Pietro Amato (Arcade Fire), who also engineered the record.

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