Tambour - Chapitre II  | mr005

Mixed, mastered yet partially recorded by Canadian awarded producer Pierre Duchesne, Chapitre II is Tambour’s return to twinkling piano and lush instrumentation in a dazzling waltz-influenced effort. The composer dives once again into his melancholic universe, inviting listeners into a cinematic world somewhat reminiscent of Yann Tiersen's soundtracks. Melodies at times melancholic, at others joyful, evolve unexpectedly through moments of contemplation, curiosity and nostalgia ; intimate, spacious moments punctuate an otherwise continuous flow of movement. Amongst many contributors, the album involves a special featuring of Pietro Amato, french horn player in Arcade Fire’s albums (Funeral, Neon Bible, The Subburbs) and Amon Tobin’s (Foley Room).

All songs composed and produced by Tambour (Simon P. Castonguay) 

String quartet : 
Violon I - Rose Frappier
Violon II - Audrée Leduc
Viola - Mélanie Venditti
Cello - Anaïs Constantin

Mixed and mastered by Pierre Duchesne

Piano and glockenspiel recorded by Pierre Duchesne
at Studio Ouïe-Dire, Shefford

String quartet and clarinet recorded by Benoît Parent
at Studio B, Montréal

Artwork by Bertrand Sallé





Clarinet arranged and performed by Elyse Venne-Deshaies

Farewell Museum
French horns composed, performed and recorded by Pietro Amato
Piano recorded by Perrin Moss at Concordia studios, Montréal
Additional production by Florian Serault