Pleq - Kingdom Hall | mr004

Polish artist Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) teamed up with classically trained musicians to deliver an album fusing classical, avant-garde and drone. With layered organic sounds as canvas for Julien Marchal’s piano, Tomasz Mrenca’s violin and the cellos of Aaron Martin + Peter Hollo, Kingdom Hall sets the mood for a reflective journey of haunting yet ascending brilliance. Throughout official remixes of Marcus Fjellström / Ben Lukas Boysen songs is shaped a meticulous work on mood contrasts culminating in Jason Corder (offthesky)'s recomposition of the title track .

as drifted by bursts of bowed strings rousing from wooden shells
pending hammers floats above keys dissolving in filmy clouds
drowned majesty relieved from the inner swirl of a ceaseless hum  

Marcus Fjellström - Hermitage (Pleq Remix)   

Written & performed by Marcus Fjellström
Remix & additional production by B.Dziadosz
Cello by Aaron Martin
Piano by Julien Marchal

Pleq - Kingdom Hall (offthesky Recomposition)

Written by Bartosz Dziadosz
Performed by B. Dziadosz, T. Mrenca, A. Martin   
Remix & additional production by Jason Corder

Artwork by Peter Nejedly
Design by Aaron Hansen

Ben Lukas Boysen - Only In The Dark (Pleq Remix)

Written & performed by Ben Lukas Boysen
Published by Erased Tapes Music
Remix & additional production by B.Dziadosz
Cello by Peter Hollo
Piano by Julien Marchal

Pleq - Kingdom Hall

Written & produced by B.Dziadosz
Violin by Tomasz Mrenca
Cello by Aaron Martin

Mastered by Jason Corder