Mark Harris - The Things That Have Been Broken | mrs001

 All music by Mark Harris

 Mastering by Pierre Duchesne

 Artwork by Amanda Elledge

The Things That Have Been Broken is a stand alone piece recorded exclusively for new Moderna label... I created the piece from field recording of voices, form which I had edited out all elements of "language" leaving only non verbal communications shouts / exclamations / verbals / verbal tics etc etc... I feed these through a modified vocoder and EQ bank on a delay loop, so the processed audio would feedback back through the vocoder on a infinite loop. As I improvised adjusting the parameters, so it would not trip over into feedback - and tweaking the vocoder and adjusting the EQ gradually - the original source material became a series of purely electronic tones... These were then sampled and the process repeated itself. These were used as source material for the final piece. I used a Reaktor patch I called the Delay Matrix which uses six independent delays which will run from 0 to about 2 minutes, and as they can all run independently, once I had imputed the source material and the loops are running, I can then improvise over the top ad infinitum and record the output live to any of the delays. I’ve also added some additional features which allow me to automatically pan individual loops around the stereo field in real time so the process is generative and constantly chaining. I’m never 100% sure how things will develop as I’m improvising.

On this set up I improvised the piece live in one take, please enjoy..