Jacob David - omkuld | mr003

Composed & produced by Jacob David

Additional production & engineering by Thomas Haahr

Mixed & mastered by Morten Bue

Piano - Jacob David
Violins & Tenor Violin - Kristian Jørgensen
Cello - Line Felding

Artwork by Dennis Morton

Jacob David’s old piano, built in 1919, has felt and cotton wool between the strings and the hammer heads to obtain a raw and dusty sound. The simplicity of the piano occasionally woven together with string arrangements and the subtle sounds of field recordings, creates an intimate, thoughtful and organic atmosphere.

The title omkuld is a Danish word that translates into something like overwhelmed, turned sideways or tumbled to the ground by wind or emotion. I think that word suits the music because it sums up how the piano and writing works for me. When I play I keep my head close to the strings and keys, and there is a lot of noise from the wood and all the mechanics of the instrument. But when music integrates, it kind of creates its own silent space. And to me, writing music is about letting go, surrendering to whatever mood or melody emerges from that space.